An Integrated Multi-Task Model for Fake News Detection
Qing Liao, Heyan Chai, Hao Han, Xiang Zhang, Xuan Wang, Wen Xia, Ye Ding

Predicting Unknown Interactions between Known Drugs and Targets via Matrix Completion
Pacific Asia Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference (PAKDD), 2016, Auckland, New Zealand
Qing Liao, Naiyang Guan, Chengkun Wu, Qian Zhang, Zhigang Luo

  • Datasets: Include Enzyme, GPCR, Ion Channel, and Nuclear Receptors datasets. Thanks to Yoshihiro Yamanishi for collecting and organizing the datasets. Also available here.
  • Source Code: The source code of our method.
  • Tools: Useful tools for finding drug-target interactions in DrugBank and KEGG.
  • Supplementary Materials: Validated new pairs found in DrugBank and KEGG Databases.